Sunday Meetings

From the first Sunday of October to the end of June every year we share and discuss Theosophical Ideas. Exploring the many facets of the teachings we discuss different topics from within the writings, exemplifying them and making them practical. To keep the ideas alive and current requires that they be discussed and applied to our daily lives. We like the Great Teachers before us
must check, test and verify our understanding. With a feeling of faith we reflect on the Teachings, but to know and understand, we must penetrate the writings, to read between the words, through contemplation and application.


Please contact us or check back later. No Sunday Meeting presently

7:30 to 8:30 pm


May 7th       White Lotus Day Remembering the Life and Work of
                               Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
May 14th        The Sevenfold Nature of Man
May 21st        Theosophy in Early Christianity
May 28th       The Art of Renunciation in Action
Jun 4th           Symbolism in Numbers
Jun 11th          The Paramitas, Gateways into the Inner Life and the Path
Jun 18th         Apollonius of Tyana
Jun 25th      ULT Day The Inspiring Work of Robert Crosbie